Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We missed you so much on Father's Day, but Grandpa John and Nana kept us occupied.  First we made pizza, then we ATE pizza.  After that it was talk of crochet and politics and everything in between.  The high point?  The Wii!

Grandpa John showed Valiant why we think he's so cool.

He said he wasn't very good at the Wii, but I'd have to disagree. Not only can he fix everything and argue proper toilet installation with Steve, but Grandpa John was willing to do Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling. Boxing wasn't his thing, but Valiant says Grandpa John "owned" him in Bowling.  (I think that means the old guy kicked the young guy's butt.)

Pretty Fly for An Old Guy!
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