Thursday, November 4, 2010

Field Trip

Dear Family-

I got sleep last night, so I felt good enough to go exploring.  I went walking with a guy named Mike.  Mike is going to a base called Alamo in Wonderland Extreme.  We decided to walk the 3 miles to a mall that is south of the villa.  It was only about 102 today, so it was actually kind of a nice day for a walk.  Wonderland is really dirty once you start walking around.  Yes, it is a desert, but the people really are pigs.  Trash is commonly thrown from cars and people will toss trash down where ever they are.  It makes you thankful for minor good our litter laws do.  

Well, we got to the mall, and found that it was a mall.  It had all of your prerequisite items:  shoe stores, a dozen jewelry stores, clothing stores, and a food court.  We had lunch an Asian place because Mike said they had the biggest prawns he'd ever seen.  Gag!  I had a chicken dish with noodles that was really tasty.  After lunch, we walked through the mall.  It was really huge and it was spotless.  In all, there were 5 stories, but very few people.  In fact it was just about empty. I took a few pictures to give you the idea:

This first shot is looking down the mall (notice the ninja) towards the movie theater.   The food court is to the right.

This next shot is looking back through the mall.  Notice the number of stories and the lack of people.

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Erin said...

That is so beautiful...lavish. Oil money has been good for them, I guess?7