Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 84: Night of the living terror

Dear Family-

I know this is going to sound weird, but I am starting to have nightly battles over my body.  Somehow, some way a stupid, annoying, and very persistent mosquito is managing to get in and terrorize me for several hours at night.  It is not like it is biting me and waking me up, but it announces itself first by buzzing my ears.  It is kind of like the proverbial glove slap to the face to initiate a duel.    It buzzes my ears and wakes me up and then it continues if I try to go back to sleep.  So, I have to get up and grab some paper towels and proceed to chase the damn thing around the room until I finally kill it.  Last night I ended up on the couch because I couldn't find the darn thing.  It somehow got out of my bedroom and followed me at about 4:30 AM.  I went back to my bedroom and of course it followed me.  It woke me up about 20 minutes after I laid down again.  This time it was on so I turned on the light and scoured every inch of the apartment until I squashed the SOB on the ceiling.  I finally got back to sleep and then you guys Skyped me.  I am sorry if I was out of it, but I had just gone one on one for several hours and was pretty exhausted.  Wish me luck tonight!

Love you!

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chili pepper said...

This sounds an awful lot like my hubby and the stink bugs... I have a post scheduled for next week that explains what I mean. Ironic that you should be in the same dilemna!