Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 85: Help needed!

Dear Erin-

My living room/dining room is not working for me.  I can not find a comfortable way to be in the room for very long.  Every thing feels awkward.  Any ideas?


chili pepper said...


I think it is so awesome that you have made your home so comfortable, that when away from home, your man writes home to get your personal touch. Wow!

xinex said...

Have you tried putting the loveseat in b/w the dining room and living room?...Christine

Erin said...

Chili...thanks! Xinex, I think I'm thinking of the same things. Clark, have you thought of a) shifting the entertainment unit toward the window and turning putting the loveseat with its back to the dining room area, butting up to the sofa (like a faux sectional) with an end table to fill in the corner? (P.S. How big is the room? and where are the walkways?)

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

I think they look beautiful. Only thing I notice is I'd paint the walls a soft color.