Sunday, April 11, 2010

For those of you who found yourself completely confused!

By Superman's post below.

The back story is that we were discussing our soon-to-be-graduated-from-college son's plans for the future and Superman was talking about how we don't have "doctor/lawyer" expectations for our children. We want them to be educated and then to find something they love doing.

(Pretty typical conversation, right?)

Then, out of the blue, Superman says to all of us (who were on Skype): "If Buttercup grows up, goes to college, and then ends up living in the forest talking to Squirrels, I'll be happy."

I started cracking up, Buttercup said, "I didn't know I wanted to live in the forest talking to squirrels." Valiant, of course, ran with it and started calling her the "squirrel whisperer". And Superman had to replay what he said to figure out what had us all in stitches.

Make sense now? Yes, I thought a little back story would help!

P.S. He did rearrange his furniture: Couch is under the window, loveseat is where the couch was and the chair has its back to the dining area. Looks much better and makes much better use of the space.

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Clark said...

Okay, I forgot there was an audience!