Sunday, April 18, 2010

My cell phone is stupid.

My roommate, Brant, decided last night to make bread. He asked me why I never baked, and since I couldn't come up with a good answer, I decided that I'd make bread. I went onto Wonder Woman's blog, and snagged the one-hour bread recipe, and went to town. I'd give you pictures, but my cell phone is stupid and can't send pictures in text messages. My old phone could, and this after being dropped, smashed, and abused beyond all reason, but my new and presumably more advanced phone balks at the idea. So I have these wonderful bread pictures on my cell phone and can do absolutely nothing with them. I did learn that it is important to mix the bread for all five minutes, as that's apparently what helps it rise so quickly (aside from the sugar and copious amounts of yeast) and so my second batch, made this afternoon, is overall much prettier and fluffier than my first batch. We shall be having grilled cheese. :D


Erin said...

Charming?! You made bread, too?! I'm so proud of you...that is so fantastic! I have the same cell phone and I think you can only send a picture right when you take it (ran into the same problem on your little sister's birthday...saved them, thinking I'd send them such luck---grrrr.)

Clark said...

Good job on the bread. I think Wonder Woman is cheating using Minnie! You definitely need to work the dough for a while to get a good loaf out of it. Sorry about the phone/camera!

Valiant said...

Hey I was wondering if my phone can not receive pictures? The neighbor to our left sent me a picture on my phone but I can't get it even though I downloaded and gave minutes to get it.And I am feeling sad for you dude.