Monday, July 5, 2010

Lighting Up The Night

Dear Family-

Sometimes it is easy to overlook some really neat things.  I think that I have been guilty of that during my time here.  I look around and see stuff and do not make the connection of "you should share this".  Well, here is something I would like to share.  Where I work is literally in the middle of the desert away from pretty much everything.  There are a lot of permanent buildings, but there are also a lot of temporary structures and tents.  The neat thing is is that every night this base is lit up from one side to the other.  Not by street lights, but by hundreds of portable generators with light towers. 

As you approach the base at night, it glows from the light provided by these units.  What I find truly amazing is that every night and every morning a team of people drives around on ATV's turning these things on and off. 

Cool, huh?

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Erin said...

Yeah, but do they turn off their bedroom lights at home without being reminded?