Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nap Worthy

Dear Family-

Our conversation last week led me in to discussions this week with my coworkers.  In particular, I asked people what they normally do during their off time.  Depending on the person, it ranged from diving in the Philpines, to going out to eat, to watching movies, and to spending time with the family.  Universally, we agreed that during the work week we are too tired to do anything.  Even my friend Troy does not do much even though his family is here.  He gets home, eats, spends a little time and then crashes.  What I also found interesting is that most people kind of rate activities based upon their value relative to taking a nap on their day off.  As an example, the diver dude went out with a new girl on his Saturday afternoon.  He found the whole thing not worth while and decided to take a nap on Sunday instead of seeing her again.  In other words, she wasn't nap worthy. In all seriousness, there really is not a lot to do here and I think that is why I have not put any thought in to having you come visit.  It is not a particularly nice country, the people are not charming, and it is really expensive.  So am I being boring?  I think maybe a little bit.  Was I being a martyr? Probably yes.  I will definitely be looking to broaden my horizons in the coming weeks by trying some Pakistani and Indian cuisine.

Love you!

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Erin said...

"Nap Worthy"! That is so funny. Well, aren't you glad that you're not just OLD and that even the "young" guys are choosing sleep over other things? Still, don't you want to learn to love more foods that won't be available here?