Wednesday, July 25, 2012

That's What Right Looks Like!

One of the things the military likes to do is to develop programs and slogans to influence the behavior of their soldiers.  They package them up in short, often cheesy commercials that are routinely disparaged in public forums.  Unfortunately, not a lot of these programs seem to work and others actually seem to cause the behavior they are trying to stop.  Luckily, every once and a while, they come up with something that actually makes sense.  One of these programs is entitled “That’s what right looks like”.  It shows soldiers doing something really stupid or thoughtless and then it shows them what the right thing to do would look like.  It really makes sense to me.  How great would life be if everyone you ever dealt with just stopped for a second and thought, “What would right look like?”  As a parent, you always hope that you will do a good enough job with your kids that they will know what right is and, more importantly, that they will actually do what is right when the time comes. 
A few days ago, I was the proud recipient of one of those “That’s what right looks like” moments.  I was on the phone with the love of my life as she left the house by herself at dark o’clock to get to the gym.  (Okay, it was like 7 AM or so, but dark o’clock sounds better.)  After stopping to get some much needed caffeine, she pulled in to the gym parking lot and guess what?  Our boy Valiant had gotten up and followed his mom to the gym!  Do you know how damn proud I am of that boy?  I could hear it in his mom’s voice as well.  (Maybe even a little teary?)  So, this is for Valiant, “That’s what right looks like!”

P.S. 98 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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