Friday, July 6, 2012

Woot!  118 and a wake up!  Okay, for today's post I decided to take the opportunity to illustrate how things we take for granted are not so common in the rest of the world.  I have found it amazing how often I have encountered the following "warning" sign in my travels:

Encountering stuff like this always gives me pause to not be so quick to judge people for their behaviors.  They look at this sign in horror at the thought of having their backside coming in to contact with the seat.  It really is a matter of perspective.


Erin said...

Supposedly, squatting is actually better for you...who knew?

Clark said...

You know it is really funny. I have seen a lot of reports that say the same thing. A lot of what we take as normal and the "right" way of doing something actually is a little "ass backward", no pun intended. Just like you getting me hooked on the hippie toothpaste thing. I have always equated having the strong minty taste and lots of foam from toothpaste as being clean. My mouth actually feels cleaner and looks cleaner using a few drops of oil on the toothbrush. So, an added benefit of my time overseas is that I am little less rigid and open to trying new things.