Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, we are down to 123 and a wake up! The last 24 hours have been spent sitting on airplanes and walking through airports. Nothing really exciting, but line up here, let me see your passport, and is this a 3 oz bottle? So, far the only cool thing I have encountered (but didn't get picture of)is the lay out of the Airbus A340. It has a huge economy class sitting area. (I am cheap) When I walked back to use the restroom, I couldn't find it! I was quickly shown that you have to walk down stairs to the bathrooms! How weird is that? A bathroom deck! Overall, I have to say that traveling has been harder this time because the end is close. It was really hard to leave this time as everyone has the understanding that this is it. I think we all would have preferred for me not to go back, but we are so close to wrapping things up it would be like stopping 3 feet from the finish line. And, if anyone wants to know, I had a fantastic leave and got to do a lot of fun stuff with the family. I think my high point was watching Buttercup and Valiant blasting away targets at the range.

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Erin said...

Seattle, Frankfurt, Dubai and there was nothing for you to take a picture of? Seriously?


Another busy day in the Nagle household and I took a number of I just need to get them uploaded to my blog!

Love you!