Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom's Nemesis

My mom has an arch enemy...The Serger! The most evil creature to not walk the earth. It is so powerful it can reduce my mom to dust with just one simple move. It asks her to (you may want to cover your ears or, now that I think about it, your eyes) it asks her to thread it. (Do you hear the sound of breaking glass reverberating through internet?) Four different spools with four different maze-like paths for the thread. Yes, I know how terrible it sounds. Amazingly, she sometimes wins, but most of the time she loses the battle with the serger . Well, that's all for today.


Clark said...

Does she #$&%#@ when she break her serger?

Erin said...

No! I just whine and complain until I get it threaded!

loveaphid said...

Hey at least she tries... mine sits in the closet untouched and alone. It terrifies me!