Thursday, February 18, 2010

14, 1000

I turned 14 on Tuesday and that was cool, but what was as cool if not cooler was that I reached the $1000 mark which was awesome. I mean in three years saving birthday, Christmas , yard work earnings and any other money I could get my hands on I have managed to save that much. I would like to thank all the contributors in my making it this far, My Brother , my Mom , my Sister , My Dad, Huge amount of family that would take along time to list, extremely nice neighbors and of course, the most important people are.... ANYBODY ELSE( just in case I forgot somebody(s) ). Well thank you for helping me reach this goal, and mom, dad, Brother , Sister thank you for letting me live another year. Thanks again.

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Clark said...

Valiant- I am so proud of you! This is an amazing accomplishment. You have shown an incredible amount of dedication to this endeavor. I know that along with the birthday and Xmas gifts, there were a lot of snow that was shoveled and grass that was cut. Well done!