Monday, February 1, 2010

Doctor Skype

So almost every time we turn on Doctor Who Some body Skype's or calls,but really its most TV or movies. Last night we turned on MI1 and right as the music starts we get a skype and phone call. It was really funny I mean we start and then doo-noo-noo doo-noo-noo skype chat, then ring-ring who's calling. So yes funny.


Erin said...

I only wish that boy was joking. He's not. Any time they turn on Dr. Who the phone rings or the Skype rings or the doorbell rings...I'm beginning to wonder if there are hidden cameras in my house...sigh.

loveaphid said...

*sniff* sniff* Sorry I didn't know waaaaahhhh ! *sniff* *sniff* I
ll try to be better... :-(