Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 24: A little more food for thought

Dear Family-

Well, I thought I was done having to spend money then a couple of items came up that required the expenditure of another $38. This expenditure was required do to the fact that I had to replace the trimmer I brought with me. The one I brought in incompatible with the power over here. I never gave the power thing much thought before I came over here because all of the documentation said that all I would need is to pick up a couple of power adapters in the PX to run my stuff. Well, that is not entirely correct. Yes, the plugs are different, but so is what is running through the wires. In the USA we live in 120 Volt world and all over our appliances and stuff are designed to run at this voltage. Here in wonderland, not only are the plugs different, they deliver 240 Volts to your appliances, etc. Unless the power supply or electrical information on the unit says 120V-240V, you can not use it without buying a step down unit. I was going to buy a step down unit until I found out that the cheapest one I could get is $135. Hmmmmm.....let me see....$135 or $35? Tough call. Luckily, my laptop is 120-240 compatible and my Ipod can charge through my laptop.

P.S. Having not trimmed my beard for over a month, it felt really good to get it trimmed short again.