Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 39: Dust rag anyone?

Dear Family-

This morning I was introduced to a new weather condition - the sand storm. Before I begin with this, let me back up. On our way to work several days ago, we ran through huge fog banks. Being right on the Persian Gulf, we apparently get some really heavy fog from time to time. This fog was by far the thickest I have ever seen and we literally went down to visibility in feet. That is pretty hairy let me tell you. Now about the sand storm; this was just as bad or not worse. As you drove in to the beginning of it, you were not sure of was it was fog or not because it was just felt different. The other people in the car had seen one before so they knew what it was. We kept the car buttoned up and drove on. As it was still dark when we got to work, I really could not get a good look. By the time we went to breakfast, you could finally see it. Dirt was hanging on everything-you could feel it and taste it.

This picture was taken the next day. As you can see, the air is still filled with dirt. This view is normally clear for BLOCKS. You can barely see the building in the next block. Luckily everything is closed up in my apartment, but I will have to venture forth later today. Dust rag anyone?

Love you!

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