Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010 - Life at Home

As you know, we're having unseasonably wonderful weather here in Eastern Washington these days. Seriously. Think of a cold So Cal winter and you'd right on target. Headed out to my dad's new house on Saturday to see if they have a mailbox, to see if the little boy statue was still in the pond, and to close the blinds and stuff. Almost got my family car stuck in the mud when I decided to go exploring...definitely an adventure that required four-wheel drive.

Mailbox? Check!

Little Boy Statue? Nowhere to be found...

Gate attached to nothing? Check! (Notice, if you will, that I brought my own power source for the gate!)

Look at that sky! Isn't it gorgeous? Even almost-getting-stuck-in-the-mud-with-my-Suburban was awesome with scenery like this.

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