Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 20: My first day off...

Dear Family-

Today was my first day off after starting work. I did not have a lot planned other than trying to get organized, cleaned up, and caught up on some posting. In addition, I gave myself permission to download four episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I was able to get Season 3 episodes 5-8. I watched them after I started laundry and finished cleaning my room and bathroom. I am sure that people could hear me laughing in the next building! I am not sure where to start listing my favorites parts, but the Wil Wheaton episode had me in stitches. My favorite line came from the one where Penny falls in the shower. Later in the episode Sheldon states that, "Heroes always peek!" A great line and proof that I am not a pervert, I am your mom's hero. As I sat there watching the episodes, I want you to know how much like Penny your mom was when I first knew her. For that matter, I was pretty much like Leonerd. As you sit there and watch them interact you have to be amazed that your mom and I ever got together.

Love you!

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