Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 31: Building Codes? We don't need no stinking codes....

Dear Family-

Over the last couple of weeks I have been able to determine that our apartment building is located in a very well to do part of town. It is not easy to determine which side of the tracks you live on here in Wonderland. With that said, the building is brand new and we are the first people to live here. Being as handy as I am, I like to look around and see how things were done and the quality of the job. For the most part everything is built okay, but they seriously have no concept of finish work or what is aesthetically pleasing. My favorite items from my apartment have to be how they chose to vent things. This first picture is from the kitchen/laundry room. You would think as they were building this place they would have thought, hey we are going to need to vent the stove and the dryer to the outside. Well, as you can see, it was apparently an afterthought. The solution was to cut holes in the windows and install a fan and a place for the dryer hose.

Cute huh?
This next one is from my shower. Showers = Steam and moisture, right? You of course would think of this ahead of time, right? Nope! We will punch a hole in the wall and shove a fan in.

Cute, right? Not only is it not very pleasing to look at, it turns out to channel noises from other apartments. You hear all sorts of things coming out of that thing.......

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