Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 31: Humor In Uniform

Dear Family-

I am going to warn you right now that this is a weird post. We were having a discussion this morning at breakfast about how funny it is to watch all these young male GI's fawning over the relatively small female population over here. Girls that back in the states would get little or no attention get it by the bucket full over here. As an older, married guy, I looked around and got a kick out of the posturing and playing that was going on. Later that day, I picked up a copy of the Stars and Stripes and saw this cartoon.

I died laughing because the Star and Stripes and Doonesbury are not on my reading list. I can fully attest that this cartoon is VERY accurate. The 4's, 5's, and 6's are now the 8, 9, and 10's. They are all giddy with all the power they wield. I am not sure what they do with it so I will leave that one alone. I am sure that they keep a solid military bearing at all times.

Love you!

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Erin said...

Buttercup says that "she didn't get that one", but it did make me chuckle...maybe some people will form lasting bonds with people they wouldn't have otherwise given a chance? You never know, do you?