Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 26: Army Training Sir!

Dear Family-

Most people when they get home are greeted by the family dog or a loved one shouting, "Welcome home! Did you have a nice day at work?". I, on the other hand, never know what I am going find. Take today for instance. I got home about 5:45, walked up the stairs to my apartment and was greeted with the chorus of Hooah! Hard core man! I looked up and what did I see? Lion 2.0 rappelling out of my bedroom window!

Above him I saw Lion 1.0, Squeaker, and Carnation whooping and hollering about how big certain parts of Lion 2.0's anatomy were. I said, "What the heck do you guys think you are doing?" In unison they shouted, "Training Sir!" I said, "What kind of training?" They said, "Army training Sir!" I said, "You guys aren't in the Army! Don't you think this is taking this too far? Do you realize what would happen if you fell 30 feet?" Apparently, Lion 2.0 had not thought about this before climbing out of the window and heading down the rope because he immediately froze up and smacked face first in to the wall. This caused a lot of laughter from those up above and some pretty crude remarks. I had to run up stairs and pull him back up because all of the laughter up above was getting in the way them helping out their friend down below.

I have given them a stern lecture about the continuation of "Army Training" but they do not seem to be taking me seriously. I have forbid it, but I have a hunch that they are going to truly move forward with Airborne school. God knows when that will happen

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Erin said...

When we sent those boys and girls with you, we thought they'd keep you company, not get you in trouble!