Monday, January 18, 2010

335 More Days...

Ugh! Doesn't it figure that as soon as you leave that the computer network would start having fits? I can't believe it! (Except, really, I can.)

I guess I'm happier to have only internet than I would be to have only home phone. Still, I'd be happiest of all to have them all. I hope we can get it all fixed before you head overseas.

Valiant had his wisdom teeth out today. No, I didn't know it was a holiday when I scheduled the appointment for today. We're homeschoolers! I never know when it is a holiday. I can tell he's feeling better than he did earlier, because he came downstairs to share with me details of the move Ice Age 3. Frankly, I'm glad this is all done for him and it won't be hanging over our heads when he's a little older.

In other exciting news, Mr. R. got his call to go up to Alaska for work and he's so excited. Last I heard, he's flying out at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so by the time you read this, he'll be gone. Do you realize that we have almost no men left in the neighborhood? Maybe he's right and I did scare them all off!

It was an amazingly beautiful day today--I think it was in the 50s. I know I actually had to go turn the heater off in the greenhouse because the temp in the greenhouse hit the mid-90s! Buttercup and I headed out to wash the car and, yes, we used the hose hooked up to the utility sink, so it was super easy. I even paid her $2 to do the interior windows. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, but I doubt it will. Snow when the forecast is 43? I don't think so.

School starts for us tomorrow and even the kids are excited to get back into the swing of things. This limbo has made them all crazy. I'm even going to start exercising again.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Ft. Benning. We loved seeing them.

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