Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 5. Last Hard Day

Well, if the story remains true, this should be the last really hard day here at the CRC. There were two big "to-do's" today: Clear medical and draw the TA-50 gear from supply. Having already had a complete physical before I left, I knew that medical would not be that hard. With that said, I still left the "Med-Shed" with two no-go's. The first item is that I did not have an insert for the gas mask. (duh, like who has those lying around) I had my eye glass prescription so they are making me an insert and I should be cleared by Thursday morning. The second item is that I was within the window for getting my second hepatitis shot. This one required a trip off post to a private clinic. I am technically all done except for the paperwork.

The drawing of the TA-50 gear was a true Army Charlie Foxtrot. At the peak of the issuing, people went to lunch. You mean you are really going to hold up everyone for lunch? Stupid me, yes you are. The people that work there are overpaid and a little to jaded by the repetitive nature of handing out helmets all day. Excuse me, I know you what an IBA is and you know what the nomenclature is, but we do not. Besides, I am really Superman so this stuff is kind of useless. (They didn't seem to buy it) I exercised my right to comment and filled out a form suggesting that they issue everyone a piece of paper depicting each item. Hey, if McDonald's can do it on menu's, the Army can do it for supply. The fun part is assembling it all. So far, all I have done is the helmet. Does anyone have a manual for assembling an individual ballistic assembly? If so, you know where I am.....

I received three more shot today. I got smallpox, anthrax, and hepatitis. So far, I am not having any issues with them. The smallpox shot is supposedly going to leave a nasty little wound for the next two weeks or so. I was given a twenty-one day supply of band-aids to keep it clean. Wish me luck on this one...

In between running around I did laundry today. I had a lot of stuff just lying around and I didn't want it to smell up the place. The other reason is that my new towels kept leaving blue fuzz all over me. I dried my face off and all the fuzz stuck to my stubble. I looked kind of like a blue wolfman and it proved to be hard to get back off. I am hoping for better luck with the newly washed towels. I can actually say that I got worn out from all of the running around today. I am hoping that I am tired enough to sleep through my bunk mates snoring. Oh please, oh please! There is no couch to run to!

Well, that is it for today's exciting adventure. I am going to hop on Skype in a little bit to see how my little chipmunk is doing.


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