Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 1 - The Airport

We dropped you off at the airport this morning. I have to admit it was pretty darned funny watching you handle that 60+ pound bag. I hate the way airports are now. Good-byes are so much harder to do by the TSA screening points. As you saw, Valiant lost it once you were separated from us by security. Buttercup broke down after she turned away. (She didn't want you to be sad because she was crying.) It is all okay now, though.

We left the airport and stopped for breakfast in downtown before heading home. We went to that train car restaurant. The food was actually quite good and we think we'll give that restaurant another try. (The location by us was so disappointing when we went there that we never wanted to go back.) Still, it was expensive and it will be a while before we do it again.

Everyone chilled at home for some time and we headed out to "linner" at Red Robin, as I'd promised the kids last week. As you might have guessed, the order went something like this: "I'll have the macaroni and cheese." "I'll have the Clucks and Fries." "I'll have the Chicken Caesar Wraps." Best you can't guess who had what? A quick trip to Goodwill to keep my other promise and we're home for the evening.

I hope your flights were uneventful and that you haven't forgotten anything you'll need in the next two weeks.

P.S. Did I mention we rearranged furniture?

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