Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day....What day is it?

Dear Family-

The days have been pretty much a blur over the last week. Jet lag and the constant grind being on the go is starting to wear on all of us. To add to the feeling, we had our hopes crushed earlier today when we were told that we probably would have to spend another night in the villa. All of us are ready to be at our final stop and unpack. Another night in the villa was not what we wanted to hear. things turned out,good things do happen and we go picked up to head south to our apartments.

Apparently at the end of summer, the company move everyone to a new complex about 1/2 miles away from the ocean. We are in the same area as the pictures that I originally found, but we are in a new development. We got in late and I started snapping pictures to share with you.

The first shot is from the outside. We got in kind of late, but you can get the idea of where we are.

The next shot is walking in to the building. Everything is still being unpacked in this lobby area, but you can get the idea.

The buildings are connected by a long hallway. Each area has its own pool/hot tub/gym.

Here are a few shots of my room:

That is all I have for right now. I am pretty wiped. Love you all!

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