Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today we went to Costco, (and brought the dogs with us) and on the way there we each got a doughnut and I got Cinnamon roll and it was so GOOD! and after we went to Costco we went to Borders and while we were in Borders Lucy peed in my seat! I was so mad at her, and when we got home I had to take a damp washcloth with soap and scrub them because they rolled in the pee!.Well after I cleaned the dogs I went inside and did Wii fit for half an hour,oh yeah guess what Dad? I've done ten hours on Wii fit and my piggy fit bank turned bronze! isn't that cool?! and if I get ten more hours I get a bonus piggy fit bank!,so yup that's how my day went. Love you Dad, yours truly, But-cup.

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Clark said...

I was really sad to hear that Lucy let loose on your seat!!!! She must have really had to go badly. Since when is the doughnut store on the way to Costco. If my memory serves me correctly, it is past Costco. You can just ignore me because my jealousy is showing. Plain cake with chocolate frosting where art thou?