Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 15. Part Two

Dear Family-

Yesterday we took the opportunity to get and see some sites. We were able to get a cab from our building to the Al Kout mall in Fahaleel. It was about a 3.5 mile trip. We were looking to get a bite to eat and to see some sites. As you will see below, the pictures are all of the outside of the mall. I wanted to get some pictures of the inside, but there are some issues with taking pictures of the locals. They feel pictures capture their souls or something to that affect. Enough said on that. The first picture below is of the mall looking down from the tower. It is a very nice place and has a lot of neat shops.

This next picture is looking in the opposite direction out over the Persian Gulf. The water is pretty clear and has a neat color to it.

This picture is basically a shot of the direction in I live. You can not see my building, but to give you scale, that is about 3 miles away.
People pull up to the mall in boats. The walkway behind the boats leads to the mall.
This another shot looking towards where I live. Lots of big boats and notice that there is no trash floating in the water.
Well that is it for today, I will post more later.

Love you all!


Erin said...

Gorgeous! Hey, why don't we have a yacht?

loveaphid said...

That is beautiful... I just want to dive head first into that water.