Sunday, January 17, 2010

336 More Days...

Dear Superman,

Okay, so it helped that we had something to do this morning. You might remember that Mrs. R brought over the flyer for the Children's Matinee series at the local theatre. Well, we decided to go to the 12:00 noon showings each Sundays. At $5 for the series of 10 movies, we couldn't resist. I woke the kids and we headed out. We ran the errands we didn't run yesterday: banking and a quick trip to the Cash and Carry for flour. After that, we headed to the theatre to watch Where the Wild Things Are. It was really bad (but they did do a good job on the monsters). I thought it was just me, but even the kids said it was bad. It was so bad that we all got nauseated by the cinematography. It felt like I was watching an Imax movie, even thought it wasn't one. Weird, isn't it?

Anyway, after the movie, the kids and I came home, then I headed to Costco to return the camera we bought for me, replacing the one you took with you. I just couldn't get used to it. I had no problems returning it, thank goodness.

The big drama of the day? We couldn't get on the internet and it took until you called us at 5:30 your time before we could get on the computers. Valiant tried "valiantly" to troubleshoot the problem, but he couldn't fix it. I couldn't do so many things: blogging, renewing library books, online banking, emails...even watching movies on Netflix. It was a reminder of how much we depend on all the wonderful things you've provided for our family. I'm glad this happened while you were still in-country to help us solve it. We're spoiled and we're going to learn a lot about doing without you before this year is up.

I love you and miss you, but I'm glad you're already enjoying yourself. This year can be good for all of us as long as we stay determined to make it so.



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