Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 4. This ain't so bad...

Well, the rumor that was going around today was that it was to going to be the day from hell when in comes to waiting. Today's task were mostly administrative in nature. The two big hurdles were obtaining a CAC (common access card) and clearing ISOPREP. The CAC is your only real form of identification when you get in country and spells out what you have access to and where you go. ISOPREP is the means by which the Army can identify you should you be kidnapped, etc. They take some mug shots and have you fill out a form with statements about your life. In case you are taken and they need to verify who you are, the can ask you questions from these statements. Wierd, but it is a check box to complete.

Both of these items were supposed to take all day, but we got through the processing in about 5 hours. Now mind you, that means that they had over 200 people go through each of these processes in that time. For the military/government, that ain't so bad! We have one more formation at 1700 for a JAG briefing. Not sure how long this will take, but hopefully it will not go on to late.

I got done early enough to come back and get the camera out so I could take some pictures. Getting back early and the fact that the sun was finally out was a golden opportunity.

This first picture is of what happens to all of this great clay soil when it rains a lot. MUD. Lots of mushy red mud that stains everything. It brings back vivid memories of Fort McClellan in Alabama.

This next picture is of the main meeting area here at the CRC. Depending on your status and what day it is, your groups will form up under the pavillion and be led off to whatever task needs to be completed.

This next photo is a shot looking down the "main street" here at the CRC. Each of the buildings can house about 40 people at one time. Yes, they are really small buildings. The barracks in which I am staying is the third one from the far end of the picture on the left hand side.
This last picture is of the room I am staying in. It is pretty hard to take a shot of it because it is so small. My only real space is the top of the bunk. It is not as hard to deal with as you might expect. I realize that this is only for a short time, so I just take a deep breath. See you tomorrow!

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Erin said...

Um, Clark? There is no picture of your room or your bunk. Other than that, it looks very, well, "military base-like".