Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hamsters,Bunnies and Pigs Oh my!

I LOVE hamsters , bunnies
and pigs, I have a collection of pigs, but instead of calling it a collection I call it a pig pen, in my pig pen I have seven pigs, two are piggy banks,one is a little pet shop,two are stuffed and two are robotic. And I have a real hamster! I have had five hamsters including the one I have right now,her name is Biscuit (I call her Bis-Quick) and she is a Syrian hamster. When I was two I got Bunny and he is an adorable little stuffed rabbit!!. So yup these are my FAVORITE!, but I still have so many other animals that I really like.

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Clark said...

Wait a minute! Neither of those pictures is of Bis-Quick! I really wanna see her up on the blog.