Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 2. CRC Processing

Well Saturday began the first day of official CRC processing. I felt a little like a fish out of water because there were a lot of civilians that already knew each other and a lot of regular Army personnel. We finally met up with our company representative at 10 AM and I found that there are 16 ITT people here processing. Not all are IT and not all are going to Kuwait. As the days go on, I am sure that I will get to know them better and will make a friend or two. It is a diverse bunch of people to say the least and everyone has there own reason for being here. I think that it is unanimous that people are here for the money and for the connections. One guy is coming from 5 year assignment in Germany. Once you are in the system and established, people move from company to company and country to country. To day should end early as all we are doing is paperwork and computer training. Should be fun. I am going to try and Skype my family to see how that goes. All and all, a great start.

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Erin said...

Two hours of Skyping. The girls loved that you were the one to pick the number they had to guess to determine who was going to be "it". It made everyone feel like you were here.